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I looked at her through wide, inquisitive eyes, and I felt myself floating high, higher than any sky scraper could touch, I pierced the heavens with my fingers as they seemed like water aganist my skin.
She was everything I had imagined and more, I found myself, intriguied as I was, in a fog of complete awe.
She stood tall, though wasn't so tall at the same time. The way she stood made her seem like she was on top of the world, like she had it by the reigns and could make it spin the opposite way if she wished it to be so.
Her hair was like a raven, dark but glowing at the same time. Almost seeming translucent in the dawning and rising sunlight. As if each strand of that beautful, cascading darkness were alive and flying through the breeze with it's own wings.
As I looked at her, stared at her, I couldn't help but notice those eyes, eyes that seemed to burn right through your very soul, yet ice it down at the same time.
Those eyes, those crystalized eyes of light blue seemed almost like ice with a fiercness to them that made me want to be pulled in more. The sadness she hid behind it all was ungodly but I felt like I wanted to hold her in my arms for the rest of our days, until eternity was spent and there was no one around but the two of us, still touching each other, still holding onto things that we never knew but would never forget.
Her eyes, they pulled me in, and who was I to fight off such a force? A force that nature itself could not bend, a force that, even if all the stars in the sky fell around us and the world crumbled around us, it would not break.
I loved her at first sight, I knew it, I could feel it through my very being, my very soul. Everything inside of my cried out to be with her, I wanted her, in every way a person could have another.
I wanted to smell her hair, feel it move aganist me and caress me within itself. I wanted to look into her eyes and be forever pulled into them.
But as she walked away from me on that lonely street corner at sunset I felt like I had missed everything, and it felt like she was my drug, I needed her...but I hadn't even caught the young ladies name.
uh..yea. I dunno where that came from exactly ^^; I just started to write and out it came, lol.
I want to be a writer, I write lots of poetry, seeing as it takes me so long to actually get a story written.
So..yea. Hi! =D
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