Cori (blondeminority) wrote in letswrite,

I wonder what gone is,
when i lie alone in,
all that is black and dark,
minus the comforting gleam of
glowing stars,
dulled by years of futile wishes,
Gone is to be lost,
lost indefinitely,
without a hope of moss,
on the north side of the tree,
to wander forever,
in the underbrush of a road less taken,
frost in the moonlight,
and green light from the sun on the leaves,
don't dare stop to rest ,
because getting back up would be too hard,
wandering forever, to be gone, maybe a single note in an orchestra,
chiming it's voice among the thunder of the masses,
a solitary whistle in the winds of a hurricane,
to be lost,
to be gone,
reality torn away,
to be swept into solitude, or
too much company to be heard in,
are you gone?
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