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Writing Topic - Week 1

Hey guys!
Sorry there hasn't been a topic posted yet :\ I made this community just before I left on vacation for two weeks... so it kinda got lost. But now I'm back and soon there will be more topics than you can handle... so let's jump right in with this week's topic!

Write about a meeting between two characters, one who is outgoing and lively and one who is withdrawn and shy. Write in third person or from the POV of one of the characters. What are their first impressions? Do they ignore each other? Hit it off right away? Grow slowly to like each other? Hate each other? What traits does each of them have to make them interact this way?
Possible first lines of prose, to jog your imagination:
I woke up to a dripping faucet and the sounds of traffic outside my window, harboring no suspicion that this was to be perhaps the strangest day of my life.
[Name] ascended the worn stone steps to the DMV, clenching a ticket in his/her hand. "Another speeding ticket... just what I need," he/she thought, absently crushing it in his/her hand.

That's it! Remember you can write in prose, poetry, script format, dialogue, or anything else you can think of. If your piece becomes very long, please use the < lj-cut > tags (see this community's userinfo for a link to info on the use of these) to shorten the entry. I suggest leaving the first few lines of your piece uncut so that people get an idea of what you've written. And don't be shy to give constructive criticism and compliments on pieces!
This was my first stab at a topic of this kind... if you like, please comment on this entry and tell me if it was useful to you. Was it what you expected? Did it give you ideas? Should I be more specific? Less? Should I provide first lines in other formats? None at all? If you tell me what you think of the topics, I'll be better able to provide ones that will help you get some ideas on what to write. Thanks!
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I have to admit, I have something written that I think is done, but I'm scared to post it up here... I don't want to be the first one to post my little story. I don't know if it's too short, or too long, or too stupid.

Ah, I would post some stupid thing of mine but I've been hellishly busy and didn't write anything yet. I promise you'd get great feedback for being the first one, but I understand your being scared. I'll be posting something in a matter of a few days, so if you want to wait until then, that's all right with me :)