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Writing Topic - Week 2

Okay so I started writing a story for last week's topic but between my job and this philosophy paper I have to write, I didn't finish. But, like it says in the user info, when I'm done I'll backdate the entry to today so you can see how it's done. Also, don't be afraid to start a story for last week's topic now. It's about using the topics to jog your imagination, not being shackled to a specific topic.

I'm going to post topics on Sundays from now on because I think that's pretty much the start of the week. And I'm also experimenting with different sorts of assignments: last week was a bit of plot, this week I'm giving you a character; last week's was more developed, this week's is shorter and funnier. So tell me which kind of topic you like, etc.

Your main character is a Brooklyn violin teacher with a foot fetish.
That's all! Anything can happen to this character, and you can use any POV.

How to approach this week's assignment: This is meant to be an exercise in character development. I suggest you start out by writing out this character's personality and trying to get into their shoes (pun intended, haha) before putting them in plot situations. While you're working, take note: is this approach harder or easier for you? Does your character have a different quality than when you begin working on a story's plot first? Does the plot have a different quality? Does it move faster? Slower? If you feel like it, tell us about how well/badly this character-based approach worked for you.
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