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Let's Write!

A Writing Community

Writing Assignments Given and Received Weekly
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Let's Write!

Welcome to Let's Write, a community for anyone and everyone who loves writing. Here, you will get a new writing "assignment" every week, which you can choose to write on or not. The assignments range from serious to whimsical, and you are encouraged to take any approach to them. Poetry, short stories, dialogues, monologues, and pretty much anything else of a reasonable length is accepted. You can stick to the topic, or use it as a jumping-off point for an entirely other story. Free-form writing fun is the order of the day.

The purpose of this community is: first, to give its members a starting point to write on when they're hard up for ideas; and second, to establish for its members a place where they are expected to use their writing capabilities every week to compose full pieces of writing in their chosen genre. This second purpose, I find, is very important, particularly for beginning writers. Most people find themselves able to write tolerably well and develop their own style when called upon to write on a regular basis. Of course, the third and most important purpose is for everyone to have fun and express themselves!

Anyone can join here, and members need not feel obligated to post on each topic we give. There are a few rules:

  1. Do post thoughts and constructive criticism about people's work, but don't insult them. Failure to abide by this rule may result in removal from the community, but not before I have given you fair warning.
  2. At least start out your piece by addressing the week's topic.
  3. If your piece becomes very long, make use of the < lj-cut > tags to shorten it (see LJ tags FAQ), but be sure to leave the first few lines uncut so we can get an idea of what you've written.
  4. If you see a topic you just love, but passed up a week or two ago, feel free to write on it, and backdate your entry accordingly. (see backdating FAQ)
  5. Yes, you can suggest a topic for next week. I don't promise to use it, but I welcome all suggestions. Just email me!

Anything else? Address all concerns to...
atacuivel : Administrator
lostbuthappy : Vice Prez